Thinking about having work done?

As a Chartered RIBA practice Simon Mack Architecture is a highly skilled and professional design studio, trained to turn your aspirations into reality. We will guide you through the design, planning and construction process whether you are constructing a new building or adapting an existing property.

First things first, you will need to draw up a project brief. This is your wish-list for the project. We will be focusing on what you want to achieve, noting down all your requirements and highlighting any problems that need solving. Think in terms of how you will use the space now and in the future, rather than what needs to be built. Establish your budget so we can discuss costs upfront to avoid disappointment at a later stage.


Appointing Simon Mack Architecture

After discussing and agreeing the scope of work and the cost of architectural services, it is important that this agreement is in writing, setting out the services to be provided and outlining the obligations of each party. As recommended by the RIBA we use a letter of appointment along with the RIBA Domestic Agreement, all of which we will talk you through.

So what will we do?

We will ask questions, listen and understand what you are trying to achieve with the aim to think like you then think for you. We will work with you to develop your project brief and finalise the budget. It is essential that we agree this before starting the project. We will develop solutions and propose ways to reduce costs whilst coming up with a design that will increase the building’s value, guiding you through a whole range of processes – from the initial design, to seeing the project through planning and construction to completion.


Our fees

Fees will vary depending on the location and complexity of the project and level of the service expected. How much or how little you commission an architect is up to you – for example, we can create an initial design or oversee the whole project through to completion.

Please contact us on 01491 526525 to discuss how we can turn your aspirations into reality

This is an outline of the services that can be provided. Full details of the services along with the terms and conditions will be specific to your project and itemised within the Letter of Appointment. The RIBA’s ‘Plan of Work 2013’ sets out the key stages of a construction project from conception to completion.

Stage 0 / 1 “Preparation and Brief”

This is the most important part of the project, and where we can add the most value. We will undertake some preliminary appraisals to assess the options and feasibility of the project. This can range from a sketch design solution to a full feasibility study and will enable you to decide on the best way forward. We will identify the need for any approvals and other consultants, most commonly a structural engineer.


Stage 2 “Concept Design”

Using the initial project brief we will develop outline proposals. We will present a number of initial concepts for you to choose from. We will also liaise with local planners as a priority. The final design brief should reflect your aspirations and provide you with a home that adds value and improves your quality of life. Fundamental in our design ethos is to ensure that the internal layouts are addressed at a very early stage showing furniture layouts including size and type of different pieces, and typically these designs will be presented with plans sketches and 3d models. This helps you as the client to understand the kind of spaces you will be getting and ensuring the spaces achieve your requirements.

Stage 3 “Developed Design”

We will spend more time at this stage transforming ideas into something that can be built. This includes coordinating the work of other consultants into the designs. Once agreed, between us, the design proposals will then be submitted for planning approval, if required.


Stage 4 “Technical Design”

We will now prepare the technical drawings and a specification that will be used to price the tender and construct the building. We can then invite and appraise tenders from builders and administer the building contract on your behalf.


Stage 5 “Construction”

Throughout the construction phase we will administer your contract with the builder, carry out regular inspections, deal with queries, instruct any additional work required, monitor progress on site, keep track of cost, value the works and certify payments due to the builder.


Stage 6 “Handover and Close Out”

When the project is ready to handover we will inspect and value the works and issue a certificate. We will be available after handover and during any defects period to arrange for certifying the final payment.

Simon Mack Architecture will give you guidance on all the aspects of your project from design and cost through to planning and construction. Each project is unique and the service will be tailored to it accordingly, below are some of most frequently requested services. First of all there is the initial contact, either by phone or e-mail. We are always happy to hear from people with new projects however large or small. In a short space of time you can gain an enormous amount of valuable information as which will help you realise your project, this may include a free initial hour consultation typically at the site where we will discuss the project in general terms.

Half Day consultation

This service is typically for clients who are just starting out and would like guidance as to how to proceed, with questions such as whether it is more cost effective to refurbish or rebuild. The consultation will typically be up to three hours, we will ask questions, listen and understand what you are trying to achieve. Carry out a basic survey and draw up a simple plan of the existing house or site. From this we can develop solutions and propose ways to reduce costs whilst coming up with initial sketches, showing different options as to what can be achieved. This will enable us to establish your overall budget.


Design and feasibility Service

This is a more in depth service compared to the half day consultation. It is typically used on smaller projects where the client has an idea of what he would like to achieve, but would like more guidance as to how it can be achieve and what it may look like. To aid the client we use sketch views and 3d models.

Planning Applications

This service covers the RIBA stages 0 – 3, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design and Developed Design, ending with the submission of a Planning Application.


Planning applications and construction drawings

This service covers the RIBA stages 0 – 4, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Developed Design and Technical Design, at the end of which we will provide a full set of tender drawings along with a specification ready to submit for tender.


Full Architect project management service

We will take the project from conception to hand over, guiding you through the project to realise your dreams providing you with a beautiful home.

The practice approach is to provide a holistic design with a rigorous level of detailing, ensuring that the interior architecture is fully integrated with the envelope of the building at the start of the project. No two projects are the same and it is important that you, as the client, receive the correct service tailored to your requirements whether this is providing initial design guidance on a project, planning and building control submissions or the full design service, we will gear the service to suit the project’s needs. Working for you we endeavour to think like you, and then think for you.

To aid you visualize the proposals at the early stages of a project, plans and details are often accompanied by sketch views, photo montage or 3D models, so that you can get the feel for the spaces. As a RIBA chartered practice the studio complies with strict criteria in an accreditation scheme that gives you, the client, an assurance of quality. So by choosing a RIBA Chartered Practice you can expect a certain level of excellence in design and service.